Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Game 2: USA 96 vs Argentina 72

Today's schedule:  breakfast, 10:30 team meeting, 11:20 - 12:20 practice, 12:40 light meal at Burger King, 3:00 pre-game meal, 5:15 team meeting, 5:30 depart for game, 7:00 GAME, dinner after the game.


A group from a nearby school attended our practice
Daniel hanging out in the hotel hallway

Seventh catching a quick nap in the lobby as we wait
for everyone to walk to the pre-game meal.
Devearl, Ivan and Daniel walking to the pre-game meal.
Pre-game at La Pasiva

V.J and Seventh enjoying the pre-game meal.
The french fries are the best here according to the players.


Coach Goolsby and Coach Flannery dressed and ready for the game!

Team meeting before the game.
B J showing a motivational film

Pre-game huddle!
Love these guys!

USA wins the tip.

#13 Harry Giles

Harry is now side-lined for the rest of the tourney.
:(    :(
He sprained his knee early in the game.

Thomas and Malik waiting on the ref

The players subbing in must sit on the FIBA box and wait
to be waved in by one of the officials

LOVE the bench enthusiasm

Diamond at the free throw line

V. J. and Terrance

"It's exactly like Argentina has played us in the past four years," said USA Basketball U16 head coach Don Showalter (Iowa City H.S., Iowa). "From a coaching standpoint, we knew they were going to be that type of team -- physical, hold you and do whatever they can to keep the game close and that's the only way they could. I thought our kids responded well at times and I thought we got a little frustrated at times with worrying about things we can't control. So, it was a good lesson for us as we move on."  (quote from Coach Showalter to Caroline Williams, USA media)

Caroline Williams busy at work at the arena
Internet service at our hotel is not good she works
at the arena LONG past our game

USA 96 Argentina 72
Way to go Team USA. Game 2 in the W column.
 Championship Standard #1: NO EXCUSES. We have what it takes to win!

We walked to La Pasiva's for the post game meal.  The players had more burgers and fries!  

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