Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Journey Home

Leaving Uruguay with a Gold Medal!

We ate out as a team after the gold medal game and family members were invited
to join us at Sumo's.   Back at the hotel we packed, Sam took some of the boys
out for a walk on the beach, and had some hours to sleep.  

Caroline interviewing Jayson after the game.

Team celebration at Sumo's

Waiting for their food!  Displaying the gold medal.

We met Sunday morning at 9:00 to board the bus back to Montivideo to catch
 our first leg of the long trip.  The flight was delayed until about 1:25 and we
arrived in San Paulo, Brazil.  The 10 hour flight from San Paulo to Houston
was set for 9:00 pm.  We had many hours to hang out in the airport.  
Loading up in Uruguay

Checking in takes a long time.
Love that Devearl is wearing his white jersey and gold medal!

McDonald's in the San Paulo airport!

We said our good-byes in Houston as we all travel home from there.
What a great group!  

Players, coaches and staff!

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