Thursday, June 13, 2013

Game 3 - USA 121 vs Bahamas 52

Today's game is scheduled at 3:00 so the TEAM did not go to the gym for a shoot around. They watched clips of last night's game and discussed what needs to be done. Thanks Samson for the excellent job with the videos! 

Championship Standard #7: RESPECT. We respect each other and our opponents. We're always on time. We're always prepared.

Coach Showalter in our hotel room looking at stats
and making the game plan.
 The pre-game meal was breakfast at 11:00 at La Pasiva. 
Pre-game breakfast

Diamond enjoying eggs, bacon and toast.
Team trainer David working on Terrance

B J, USA Team Leader on the ride to the game.
B J does everything for everyone so a quick nap on the bus is needed!
Thanks, B J!


Crowd pleasing dunks!

Way to go Team USA. Game 3 in the W column.

Game 3:  USA 121 - Bahamas 52!

Championship Standard #5: COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY. We are committed to each other. We win together.

Championship Standard #13: ENTHUSIASM. This is fun.

USA finished up pool play today. Medal rounds will involve games 4 and 5 for USA on Friday and Saturday.
Group AW-LGroup BW-L
1. USA3-01. Canada3-0
2. Argentina2-12. Puerto Rico2-1
3. Bahamas1-23. Chile1-2
4. Mexico0-34. Uruguay0-3

The players were mobbed after the game for autographs and requests for pictures.  I heard one of the players say, "This is crazy!"
The bus took us back to the hotel so that players could quickly change out of the white uniforms so they could be sent to the laundry.  We need them tomorrow night.  We played in the blue uniforms the first game and the rest of the games have been in white.
After the quick change the bus driver took us to the "famous bridge" about 10 minutes away.  It has 2 big humps and doesn't look all that impressive from the pictures.  However....the driver took it faster on the return trip and the players were howling their approval over the roller-coaster trip ride.

The famous bridge

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