Friday, June 7, 2013

Travel Day(s)

One last practice at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado Friday morning and then we are off to Uruguay!

The trip started on Friday in Colorado Springs (departed the Olympic Training Center at 12:15 pm) and ended on Saturday in Maldonado, Uruguay about 6 pm.  It was a LONG trip but all endured it well.  Uruguay time is 2 hours ahead of Central Time in my home state of Iowa. 

Leg One – Colorado Springs to Houston    2+ hours
Leg Two – Houston to San Paulo, Brazil    9+ hours
Leg Three – San Paulo to Montevideo, Uruguay   2+ hours
Bus Ride – from Montevideo to Maldonado, Uruguay  1+ hours

From start to finish the trip took 25-26 hours for the flights, bus, wait, and lay over time.  The Houston to San Paulo flight took off at 9 pm and most managed to sleep through the over-night flight. 

A welcome sight at the Montevideo airport was a McDonalds!  Everyone was treated to a meal to go for the bus ride to Maldonado. 

We checked into the Golden Beach Resort and had a few hours to settle in before a team meeting and practice at the arena.

Checking in!

Caroline Williams, USA media helping with the check in process.

Hanging out and waiting for the first flight.

HOUSTON airport

Coaches and team trainer having a meal at the airport.

After a long lay-over in Houston it's about time for the 2nd leg of the trip.


Airport lay over time
Tired players

BJ Johnson (USA Asst. Men's BB Director) and
 Samson Kayode (USA team manager & film)
getting some work done in the airport.


We made it to Uruguay, but not our final destination yet.

Collecting all the many bags

We made it to Uruguay!
Loading the bus that will take us to Maldonado

The joy of McDonald's!


After a bus trip of over an hour we checked into our hotel - Golden Beach Resort.  We had a few hours to get settled in then it was time for a team meeting and off to the area for an hour practice.  Great practice!  After practice we had a team dinner at Sumo Resto-Cafe.             

The hotel lobby

Getting room assignments from B J Johnson



Coach Showalter enjoying his steak!

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