Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday - Practice and Scrimmage

Sunday morning we had a chance to sleep in a bit (awww....the bed felt so good after sleeping the night before on the plane).  A team meeting at 10:10 and then off to practice.  But wait....the gym is overbooked so the bus (city bus that's chartered for the teams) takes us to a gym in San Marcos 20 minutes away.  It was COLD in the gym.  Remember it is fall/winter here with a high today to be 61 degrees and lows in the 40s.  It's cloudy and rainy here so that adds to the chill in the air.

Off to practice in a chartered city bus


Jerseys over the sweatshirts.  Hood up!

Winter hat on!
The practice gym
Coach Flannery with his group

Notice the brick interior of this gym
The players were treated to Burger King for lunch rather than the team lunch provided by the tournament.  Guess that the McDonald's is closed for the winter season. This is definitely a tourist area and the winter season closes down a lot of hotels and restaurants.

Sizing up the Burger King menu

Our team translator in the red jacket.

Off to the gym in San Marcos for a 6:00 scrimmage with Canada.  There were a lot of positives during the game and Coach says there are things we still need to work on.

Photo with some local kids after the scrimmage.
The players were dropped off at the restaurant for the teams.  Since the food wasn't to their liking they proceeded to Burger King!  Most of the adults went to a fabulous restaurant:  El  Palenque.  It was a great steak place and for all that know Coach Showalter steak is his food of choice!

Food fire for cooking

The steaks!

Coach Showalter's steak
Coach Flannery enjoying his steak down to the bone!

And now for dessert.  BJ ordered a caramel volcano and I failed to get a picture of it.  It was sampled by many and didn't last long.  Warm caramel (which is a speciality here) inside a cake.

Crepe with warm caramel inside - YUM!

Apple pie.

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  1. Vicky, thank you for keeping the blog and keeping us up to date back home. We really appreciate it. - Ty Nichols